Aashish I Vyas

Aashish I Vyas is an Occultist (specialized in Numerology, Vastu, 7 Chakra, and Astrology) with over 15 years of corporate experience. With the help of his numerology interpretations and CBT expertise, he has helped his clients plan their life for a future filled with happiness, health, and wealth.
His professional specialization includes various aspects of occult branches, helping people find their career, discovering their hidden strengths and weaknesses, enhancing partnership fit in business, probability of foreign settlements, etc.
As a highly experienced therapist, he offers a range of high-intensity cognitive behavioral therapy-based interventions helping people change the negative pattern of thinking or behavior.
His accurate numerological and astrological interpretations have helped many discover their destiny. He is “The Guru” who is constantly helping his student to discover the path to success.
Apart from being a life-changing GURU, he is also an entrepreneur and an award-winning social worker actively making charities and bringing laurels to society.

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As a Life Coach

Aashish L Vyas is committed to motivating and training today’s generation to be achievers and leaders as he introduces new audiences every day to live a life full of awareness, he believes that awareness is the most impactful tool which changes our inner and outer world and helps us to get powerful solutions for health, wealth, relationship and happiness.

01. A music student.

Aashish L Vyas has been learning music since he was 7 years old, and his mother was his first guru. He is an excellent semiclassical flautist. He believes music is the pure food for souls as it connects him to rhythm and consistency.


Martial arts require high focus and helps develop a disciplined mind. Our occult guru believes that without discipline you cannot achieve anything. He has been learning martial arts to boost his physical strength with consistency.


True leaders are great readers. Mr Vyas has read hundreds of books and still reads regularly. Reading is the reason he flourishes with wisdom and knowledge and transfers the same to his students.


Aashish I Vyas is an award-winning social worker who finds peace in helping the needy. He believes in giving back to nature and society, and social activities are a mode of doing so.


Mr Aashish I Vyas is also an excellent life coach with 15+ years of corporate experience, who has helped people plan a better life and achieve their life goals


Day starts with physical activity. He believes that practice not only makes a man perfect but also permanent. His ideology is just like an athlete as he says, " No one can stop you if you keep running".

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Powerful Solution for Health, Wealth, Relationships and Happiness .


Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380013


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