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Team9 was established under the guidance of our coach and mentor Mr. Aashish I Vyas with a vision to improve the lives of others through his knowledge in occult sciences. With 5000+ students so far, team9 not just helped people learn numerology and Vastu professionally as a career, but also helped them transform their lives.

Looking to learn Numerology, Vastu, Astrology for your family's healthy and happy life? Team9 is the perfect place for you. Our Advanced courses in Numerology and Vastu will help you attain success and immense happiness in life.


Learn through our certified courses from our coach and become a successful Numerologist and Vastu consultant.


Get expert numerology solutions for immense health, wealth and happiness, by our highly experienced Master Numerologists for you and your family.


Balance the impact of positive energy on your premises. At Team9 you will get the best Vastu solutions for healthy and happy living.

7 Chakra

Learn to balance and open all the 7 Chakras of your body and purify your body, mind, and soul.


Find the root cause of your life problems and solutions based on your zodiac sign by the best astrologist Mr. Aashish I Vyas.

About us


Vastu, Astrology, and Numerology are the three major branches of occult science which altogether will give perfect solutions to all your problems. Facing financial instability, compatibility issues, poor business, lack of peace, etc., occult science will help you resolve all such issues and attain peace, health, wealth, and happiness in life.


Aashish I Vyas

15+ Years of Experience

Aashish L Vyas is an Occultist (specialized in Numerology, Vastu, 7 Chakra, and Astrology) and CBT coach with over 15 years of corporate experience. With the help of his numerology interpretations and CBT expertise, he has helped his clients plan their life for a future filled with happiness, health, and wealth. His professional specialization includes various aspects of occult branches, helping people find their career, discovering their hidden strengths and weaknesses, enhancing partnership fit in business, probability of foreign settlements, etc. As a highly experienced therapist, he offers a range of high-intensity cognitive behavioral therapy-based interventions helping people change the negative pattern of thinking or behavior. His accurate numerological and astrological interpretations have helped many discover their destiny. He is “The Guru” who is constantly helping his student to discover the path to success. Apart from being a life-changing GURU, he is also an entrepreneur and an award-winning social worker actively making charities and bringing laurels to society.

Happy and Success Students 

Join our Numerology, Astrology  & Vastu zoom live course and become a certified occultist - Best Numero-Astro-Vastu online course. 

Solution for every problem you need

10,000+ people have taken the LIVE Numerology, AstroVastu Workshop over the last 6 Months

 Naming New Born and Delivery Dates

Engagement Marriage Dates Calculation

Family Numerology Reading

Education and Career Advice

Business Name Numerology

 Business Corporate Advice

Kids Success Plan

Real Estate buying and selling


Finding Career Path.

Relationship Compatibility

Mental Health

Become Certified Numero-Astro-Vastu Consultant 

Join our Astro-Vastu Course and become a certified occultist, solving problems of your near and dear ones. If you wish to approach occult science as a career option and looking for a good kick start then this course will be the perfect ladder for you to reach your goal.


Powerful Solution for Health, Wealth, Relationships and Happiness 


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